Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peter Pan at 8:15pm

Recently one of my favorite sites - Disneyland Resort Mystery Photo - had a mystery photo of a clock face that was projected onto the floor of the animation building in Disney's California Adventure - Click here for the entire blog entry from http://www.ldphotography.net/disneypics/2008/dl081109/

I've been so busy at work lately that I have not been keeping up with Disneyland Resort Mystery Photos. Tonite was the first time in weeks I have had a chance to look at the page to see what I have missed.

When looking at the clock picture, the first thing I recognized was that it was from Peter Pan.

The second thing I noticed was that there was a comment on the page from someone who did not know what the picture was, but who said "I have no idea, but is 8:15 significant?". The site owner of Disneyland Resort Mystery Photos responded "I have no idea if there's a significance other than it wasn't the current time. I took that photo at 4:23pm."

"Hmm", I thought. Could this be the actual time that was showing on Big Ben in the 1953 Disney movie? Out came my DVD, where I discovered that indeed that is the time - after Peter, Wendy, John and Michael land on the minute hand! (The screen grab at the top of this post is straight off the DVD)

A little snooping around the web revealed another image - this one from the mural at Peter Pan's flight in Disneyland Paris - although here it is 7:15.

I also found a snow globe on Disney's site that shows 8:15!

No real significance to this post, just thought it interesting that Disney maintains that 8:15 time for Big Ben.