Saturday, January 28, 2006

Parents New House

My sister is building an house for my parents in her back yard.

The initial plans were for a small 2 bedroom house with a living area and small kitchen. Attached garage. Carport along the connecting covered corridor between the new construction and existing house.

The house was not supposed to connect to my sister's house because of zoning (or something) and even in its new form, cannot have a stove.

I am visiting my sister and parents for the weekend. I walked down the driveway to find This in my sister's back yard. ---

View of new construction as you come around the back corner of the existing house.

View from the carport (next to where the new construction meets the existing house - see post below.)

View down the hall looking from the existing house.

The first doorway is the entry from the carport.

The hallway to the left has the attic stairway and leads to the garage.

The hallway ahead leads to the living area. A utility/bath is to the left of that hallway.

Living room. Standing by the window that will have a sink in front of it looking toward the back of the house.

Living room. Standing by the back window looking toward the existing house.

The window to the left will have a sink in front of it. (that will not be a full length window).

A bar will come across about half the room from just this side of the window.

Looking further away, the hallway to the existing house is to the left. Utility room/second bath is to the right.

Front bedroom. That's the garage on the other side of that "wall". Garage door opening to left.

This is the main bathroom. There is a door from each bedroom, but with another bathroom that my mother has added, one of these doors will probably not be used. We are in the back bedroom looking toward the existing house. The sawhorse table is in the front bedroom.

View from the back deck. An old redbud tree that the deck had been built around was (unfortunately) removed to make room for the construction.

View from the back door of the existing house. (Right next to the place where the hall of the new construction will enter the existing house - see pic below).

Huge attic. I have suggested having an actual staircase from the garage heading up there instead of the standard pull down attic staircase.

Garage has space for two cars - end to end. (i.e. one car will be stored in the back of the garage)

The hallway will connect to the main house here.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

FCC Atlanta - Year of the Dog celebration.

The FCCA celebration of the Year of the Dog was today at the Cobb County Civic Center.
Here are a few pics, mostly of Mary performing.

It was the Year of the Dog when we went to China the first time to get Louisa!
She will be 12 in two months!)
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Ready to go on stage.
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Mary getting ready.
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The juggler does his thing.
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Working hard on the Fan Dance.
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Tableaux end of Fan Dance
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Mary - Ribbon Dance
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Mary's ribbon and sleeve swoop around.
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Mary at end of Ribbon Dance
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Lion Dancers entering the room.
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Lion Dancer
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Lion Dancer
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A line of butterflies
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Mary up on the balcony
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Lunch line forming way over there. We are at the end of the line, which wraps around the room.
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Louisa with paper balloon.
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Julia with paper balloon.
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